Corpmedia and SRC show how Hassan found his calling

The latest Storyworld by Corpmedia for the Swiss Red Cross Canton of Zurich tells the story of the path Hassan had to take to find his calling in geriatric care with the Zurich Red Cross.

Stories like that of young Hassan are written by life. Like many other young people, he didn't have an easy start in life and didn't know what to do after his mixed school career. Unaware of the consequences, he almost stumbled his way into working life.

However, the tide turned when a social worker told him about the Red Cross Canton of Zurich's "Health and Social Work Internship". However, the vocational preparation year for entry into nursing with the "SRC nursing assistant" certificate was just the beginning. Hassan then really took off, went his own way and is now studying at a higher technical college for nursing.

Corpmedia has been supporting the Red Cross Canton of Zurich strategically, in an advisory and production capacity in the development and expansion of its evergreen content stock since 2015. The agency has now been commissioned to turn Hassan's story into a film and various Storyworld modules.

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