Family with new sticker motifs for the Observer

The Beobachter classifies what moves Switzerland - Family communicated this in November with eye-catching sticker motifs. Now the campaign is entering the next round with four new motifs.

Family launches together with Observer Four new key visuals for the "Experience what moves" campaign launched in November 2023 ( reported). With eye-catching sticker motifs, Family shows in the campaign that the Observer classifies what is currently moving society.

The new motifs feature four new stickers on the topics of climate, household budget, everyday annoyances and retirement provision. In conjunction with the corresponding informative articles on the landing page, the aim is to demonstrate once again that the Beobachter knows what moves Switzerland.

The second wave of the campaign can now be seen throughout German-speaking Switzerland. In addition to traditional advertising media such as posters and advertisements, it also includes various digital implementations.

Responsible at Beobachter: Danijela Erni (Head of Marketing), Petra Troxler (Digital Marketing & Product Manager), Ilaria Menna (Brand and Performance Manager), Oliver Fuchs (Member Communication Project Manager). Responsible at Family: Claudio Catrambone, Jan Walser, Severin Binkert, Anina Trachsler.



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