Usbildig with meaning: Koch agency realizes film project for ERZ

Together with the Motion department of the Koch agency, the Waste Management + Recycling department of the City of Zurich ERZ has produced a job film about eleven apprenticeships. The project provides a quick overview of jobs for young people at ERZ.

ERZ offers "meaningful jobs". Because the jobs at Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich are not only exciting and meaningful, they also impart a great deal of knowledge. The young professionals are given responsibility right from the start. And they work as a fully-fledged team member from day one.

"Our aim was to convey the diversity and benefits of an apprenticeship at ERZ to young career starters in a simple, authentic way," says Daniel Irniger, Personnel Marketing + Recruiting Specialist at ERZ. "During the filming, we had a tight schedule but also a lot of fun with our apprentices," says Xavier Nietlisbach, Vocational Training Manager.

The entertaining film offers an insight into the everyday life of the learners. In just two days of filming, a target group-focused video was created that is used on various channels.

Responsible at the City of Zurich, Recycling + Disposal (ERZ): Daniel Irniger, Xavier Nietlisbach. Responsible at Agentur Koch: Motion unit.

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