Foundry delivers branding and hyperlocal campaign for FoodNow

FoodNow is the new restaurant delivery service created in Migros' innovation hub. The agency Foundry has developed an eye-catching branding including a campaign for the new player in the delivery sector.

In a highly competitive market, not only do you need the right brand positioning and an unmistakable brand identity, but also the right communication, according to a press release from the agency. Therefore FoodNow ordered the "Foundry Brand Menu" from Foundry.

Together, the new brand house was sharpened and refined with a few ingredients. Based on a holistic brand identity, strategy and positioning workshop, a hyperlocal campaign was developed in addition to the brand identity: Eye-catching and with a simple look for the visuals in the brand color as well as headlines designed to whet the appetite, FoodNow invites hungry people from Bern to Thun, Suhr, Solothurn, Olten, Wabern and many other towns in the Migros Aare area to order from the restaurant.

The first step is the targeted use of media in FoodNow's delivery areas, with posters, digital OOHs and creative displays on social networks:

FoodNow connects your favorite local restaurants with their neighborhoods, especially in smaller regions and towns that are otherwise overlooked by the international competition in the food delivery business.

How Switzerland orders food - now.

The headline from the campaign sums up exactly this attitude and FoodNow's vision for the future. And it assures that Foodnow works on an equal footing with customers, suppliers and restaurants.

Responsible at FoodNowFabienne Bickel (Head of Growth Marketing), Fabian Kuenzli (CEO). Responsible at FoundryFieke Clinckemalie, Ruben Mata Lopez (Design & Art Direction), Maximilian Lange-Brandenburg, Leon Marenbach (Copywriter), Arseniy Sahalchyk (Motiondesign), Gregor Wollenweber, (Production), Elena Frischknecht (Account-&Project-Manager), Susann Boutry-Kompa (Account Director), Michael Rottmann (Creative Direction), Sacha Moser (Lead Creative Direction).

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