Dr. Bähler Dropa: Cut by cut to the Christmas theme

The pharmacy and drugstore operator wants to use paper cuttings to put customers in a festive mood in its new Christmas campaign.

For this year's Christmas campaign, the family-run company Dr. Bähler Dropa, which operates around 120 pharmacies and drugstores in German-speaking Switzerland, is reviving an old craft: A specially created silhouette will accompany customers through the Christmas season.

The artwork was created by Bernese paper-cutting artist Esther Gerber. She spent more than 70 hours drawing and cutting the motif with great attention to detail. The detailed work features motifs relating to tradition, health, family and nature. The campaign can be seen immediately on (D)OOH, print, social media and on POP and will be continuously updated until Christmas.

Responsible at Dr. Bähler Dropa: Johnny Schuler (Head of Marketing & Communication); Roberto Tomai (Head of Graphics). Animation: Aroma Creativ; Roger Stämpfli, Merlin Bader.


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