Family for the observer: "Mimimi doesn't get you anywhere"

With attention-grabbing sticker motifs, Family wants to show that the observer classifies what is currently moving society.

There are many ways to draw attention to important or personal issues and views in society - sticking stickers is one of them. In the new campaign for Family uses this form of communication. Thanks to the flexible implementation, the customer has the opportunity to attract attention with headlines and sticker designs for years to come.

The basic idea: "The Observer classifies what moves society". It is based on the strategic positioning developed by the agency in collaboration with the client and the Golden Circle developed around the Why: "We are a community for strengthening a just society".

Focus on digital

As the focus of communication is entirely on the digital portal, the Beobachter logo was supplemented with the domain extension ".ch" for the campaign. All key visuals are linked to real articles on a corresponding landing page. The aim is to convey that the Beobachter reports on socially relevant topics with non-partisan, legal and honest journalism, supports people with competent personal advice and, if necessary, actively stands up for a more solidary society.

The first wave of the 360° campaign can now be seen throughout German-speaking Switzerland. In addition to traditional advertising media such as posters, advertisements, commercials and other implementations, it also includes programmatic digital and social ads along the marketing funnel.

Here goes to the spot.

Responsible at Beobachter: Danijela Erni (Head of Marketing), Petra Troxler (Digital Marketing & Product Manager), Ilaria Menna (Product Marketing Manager), Oliver Fuchs (Member Communication Project Manager). Responsible at Family: Claudio Catrambone, Jan Walser, Hanja Heuss, Severin Binkert, Marc Ambühl, Anina Trachsler; Strategy: Sandro Breu; Photography: Per Kasch; Postproduction: Jonas Ellerbrock.

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