MUM shows 190 years of Jelmoli history

Jelmoli celebrates its 190th anniversary in 2023. The Basel agency Mona und Mateo has implemented an anniversary campaign for the traditional department store on Zurich's Seidengasse.

Founded by Johann Peter Jelmoli in 1833, the traditional Jelmoli department store is one of the oldest department stores in the world. During this time, Jelmoli has shaped the shopping behavior and the cityscape of Zurich.

With its anniversary campaign "Full of Stories", the agency Mona und Mateo shows how much Jelmoli identifies with the personal stories of its customers. The eye-catching shopping bags in "Jelmoli green" become the central element. Not only their contents, but also their owners contribute to the legend of the department store. The campaign therefore shows people in their everyday lives who were shopping at Jelmoli just a short time before - and are now experiencing their very own stories with them.

In addition to the awareness campaign, Mona and Mateo also designed and created the anniversary key visual. The green mythical creature is reminiscent of the "Züri-Leu" and thus expresses its attachment to the city and its inhabitants. At the same time, the key visual is intended to stand for the exciting grandeur with which Jelmoli has always inspired its clientele.

Mona and Mateo's work for Jelmoli includes posters, window and retail space design, as well as online measures and in-store advertising media, and will be in use for the entire duration of the anniversary.

Responsible at Jelmoli: Cécile Moser (Head of Marketing & Communications), Carmen Hirzel (Content Lead), Martina Piechocinski (Digital Marketing & Campaign Management). Responsible with Mona and Mateo (concept and implementation): Lesley Ryffel, Boris Stoll, Nicolas Peter, Nicole Waldis, Luc Sohm, Tabea Ott, Hannah Mey, Mona Fluri, Mateo Sacchetti. Photography: Marc Asekhame.

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