Publicis and Axa show the way to school from a child's point of view

Publicis and Axa are launching a new prevention campaign in time for the start of school in 2023. With a change of perspective, road users are to be made aware of the dangers to which children are exposed in road traffic.

For over twelve years, Axa and the Axa Prevention Foundation have been making an important contribution to road safety with Max the Badger by helping children master the way to school. Max shows them how to behave correctly in road traffic and what to pay particular attention to. But children are not alone on the road.

To prevent the numerous dangers, all road users must show consideration for each other - because only together can a safe journey to school be guaranteed. Children perceive the world differently than adults. They are less attentive and easily distracted. Their size also makes it more difficult for them to keep track of potentially dangerous situations and to estimate speeds. This makes them particularly vulnerable in road traffic.

The aim of the campaign is to enable adults to put themselves in the shoes of children. Only when they look at the street through a child's eyes do they realize that everything seems much bigger than they thought. Since Max the badger is about the size of a child, he is ideal as a learning aid - only this time for adults.

The centerpiece of the campaign "Bigger than thought - experience the way to school like a child" is an experience event at Zurich HB from Thursday to Saturday. For this period, an elaborately designed oversized replica of a traffic situation has been set up in the station concourse - complete with pedestrian crossing, traffic signs and a gigantic car as centerpiece. Anyone who wants to can have their picture taken with the car, which has been enlarged by a factor of 1.6, and thus become part of the campaign. The installation is accompanied by a VR simulation, which makes it possible to experience the way to school from a child's perspective, and a station where visitors can test their own reaction speed. In addition, the results of a survey commissioned by Axa and the Axa Foundation for Prevention will be published, showing how Swiss parents assess their children's journey to school.

Posters and e-panels from APG|SGA in the station area draw attention to the event. Max the badger also raises awareness of the dangers on the road. Among other things, he waves down from the large APG|SGA e-board in the station concourse as a 3D implementation and shows visitors the way to the event. The children can also take the badger home with them thanks to the AR implementation of Futurise.

In addition to the event, the prevention campaign relies on other communication measures in which Max the Badger makes clear how great the dangers are for small children in road traffic. These include videos that give road users important tips on how to recognize and prevent dangers at an early stage.

Responsible at Axa: Antonia Lepore (Head MarCom), Claudia Suter (Head Brand & Advertising), Manuela Kohler (Overall Project Manager / Advertising Manager), Luana Perotto (Project Manager Events), Marion Fehr (Communications Manager), Benjamin Oberlin (Head Media), Karin Stötzer (Content Manager), Fathima Ifthikar (Head Social Media). Responsible at Publicis Zurich (creation and realization): Sascha Fanetti (Creative Director), Philipp Klink (Senior Copywriter), Roby Dona (Copywriter) Nina Martens (Senior Art Director), Sebastian Danielsson (Senior Art Director), Mia Reinshagen (Junior Art Director), Flurin Hardt (Senior Account Director), Stefania Bertolo (Account Director), Matthias Koller (Overall Responsibility). Team Prodigious: Art buying, prepress, image editing, motion, realization and production consulting. Responsible at Mindshare (Media): Mindshare: Tanja Kreyenbühl (Group Head, Client Leadership), Arta Bibaj (Senior Manager Client Leadership), Rahel Buchser (Team Lead Digital), Jonas Haberthuer (Digital Executive), Bishi Tan (Senior Account Manager GroupM/OOH). Responsible at Made Marketing: Emanuel Riederer (project coordination), Rachel Manetsch (consulting/concept), Beda Binder (gamification/technology), Cristian Conde and Raymond Schlatter (visualization/stand construction), Dominique Herzog and Curdin Decasper (project handling). Construction XXL landscape: Melchior. Responsible in case of visual addiction: Sven Bensemann, Stephanie Baumgarte, Amelie Zilliox, Christoph Schröpfer (Producer), Sebastian Rätsch (Creative Director), Sebastian Brandhuber (3D Lead), Goran Latinovic, Ivan Pechalin, Sylvie Unglaub, Tobias Lenz, Sebastian Welti, Ben Karrasch, Sophie Bode, Elvira Martin, Maite Leukering (3D Artists), Madlyn Matthies (3D Trainee), Jonas Stiltz (Compositing Lead), Natalia Chow, Angelina Zaregorodzeva (Compositing Artists), Berg&Dahl Audio (Sound Design). Responsible at APG|SGA: Urs Ramsauer (Key Account Management, Head of KAM Direct Clients), Pascal Giger (Key Account Management, Media Planning). Responsible at Futurise: Joël Herde (Co-Founder), Kevin Gabathuler (Co-Founder), Raziel Cruz Rodriguez (XR Developer).

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