Home Zurich for Wernli: Sauwetter becomes Sauwetterli

After winning a pitch last year, heimat Zürich is now launching a nationwide campaign for the traditional Swiss brand Wernli. Annoying everyday situations are trivialized in Wernli style.

With the new campaign for German- and French-speaking Switzerland, Heimat shows how Wernli brings more joy and ease into everyday life. Even when life doesn't play along so well. Because every day we all move around in places that stress us out or are exposed to events that are not so enjoyable. If we share Wernli with someone at such a moment, it sweetens the stressful time for a moment of pleasure.

Heimat plays the sweetening Wernli effect in a likeable way by trivializing suboptimal everyday situations in a Wernli-like way. Among other things, Wernli turns a waiting time into a Wartezeitli, a Zämeschiss into a Zämeschissli, a Rushhour into a Rushhourli, an Ups into an Upsli, or how about a mother-in-law into a Schwiegermutterli? It's worth a try.

Heimat has developed various measures for this purpose. At the heart of the campaign are two films that will be used on TV and online to make Wernli even more popular in everyday life in Switzerland. Anyone who has seen the films knows that the next time a move is due, the most important box on the move day should be the Wernli pack. Because only it can turn a rein stress into a rein stressli.

Responsible at Wernli (HUG): Maya Wisard (Head of Brand and Product Management Wernli), Stephan Huber (Head of Marketing and Sales Retail HUG). Responsible at Heimat Zürich: Nico Ammann, Marco Bienek, Natasa Maricic, Jacqueline Villiger Diego Cavalli, Pian Gump (creation), Bettina Beyeler (DTP), Judith Bisig, Lukas von Wartburg (consulting). Film production: Shining Film. Directed by Mirjam and Lukas Fröhlich. Media: Mediaschneider.

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