ÖV is back: Farner uses Franz Hohler as a bus conductor

Franz Hohler collected the small and big stories that life writes in his play "ÖV". For the new performance of the play, Farner has implemented the communication.

ÖVThe Bernhard Theater's own production was Performed for the first time at the end of 2020However, because of Corona, it could only be performed in front of a maximum of 50 people. Since the play was very well received by the audience, the Bernhard Theater decided to perform ÖV again from September 2022.

"ÖV is back" - that's why Franz Hohler, as a VBZ bus driver, chauffeurs his crew of actors, including props, right up to the Bernhard Theater.

Responsible at Bernhard Theater: Hanna Scheuring (Theater Management), Nathalie Oesch (Marketing), Alexander Baumgartner (Marketing). Responsible for Farner Consulting: Fabian Bertschinger (Creative Director). Production: Czar Film, Sandy Blum (executive producer), Morris Mueller (PA), Mitch Bekk (director, cinematographer, editor), Ricardo Perret (drone), Simon Hardegger (colorist).

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