KSP for Global Footprint Network: Unhappy new Year

On Friday, we in Switzerland will have used up all the resources that should actually last for a whole year. So from a resource perspective, it will be New Year's Eve as early as May 12, 2022. And KSP agrees that this is no reason to be cheerful.

KSP"Unhappy New Year" with the unhappy couple is therefore also KSP's first film for the Global Footprint Network. It is consequently launched on May 12. The second film, which goes on-air on May 13, follows suit. With the shopping cart of an online store that refuses to sell more than just one earth.

The founder of the Global Footprint Network, Mathis Wackernagel, coined the term "Ecological Footprint" back in the 1990s. Since 2006, the Global Footprint Network has been communicating Earth Overshoot Day and especially the respective Overshoot Days of (almost) all countries in the world. The campaign hashtag #MoveThe Date has since become a standing term.

The two KSP films are published worldwide in English, German and French on the Global Footprint Network's social media sites. For Swiss Overshoot Day and Earth Overshoot Day.

Responsible at Global Footprint Network: Mathis Wackernagel (Founder and President). Responsible at KSP: Alba Rau, Céline Goldschmid (Art Direction), Barbara Sarras (Text), Stephanie Waldvogel (Video), Daniel Krieg, Uwe Schlupp (Creative Direction), Jashica Jayakumar (Consulting).



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