Erdmannpeisker brings North-South correlations to the point

In 2022 Erdmannpeisker has again realized the Ecumenical Campaign for "HEKS", "Fastenaktion" and "Partner sein". The campaign look in friendly and aesthetic color combinations is intended to stand out from typical NGO campaigns.

The theme "Climate Justice - Now!" is staged in an eye-catching and easy-to-understand side-by-side mechanic.

Thus, consumer behavior in the North is shown by the example of excessive hot water consumption when bathing, which can lead to devastating consequences in the South. The visual juxtaposition is supplemented with a clear, provocative statement and thus triggers a personal, emotional confrontation with the topic.

The motif will be used throughout Switzerland as a poster, DOOH and advertisement, supported by further online and social media posts.

Responsible at the Ecumenical Campaign: Elke Fassbender (Co-Department Head Campaigning, Ecumenism & Church), Matthias Dörnenburg (Head Ecumenical Campaign Lenten Action). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Christina Weisser (Art Director), Rainer Neusius (Consulting). Photography and image editing: Sandra Gadient Photography, Lily Metzker (Wombat Studio). Media Planning: Spina's Civil Voices.

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