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In close collaboration with those responsible for Raiffeisen's crowdfunding platform, Shining Film put the success story of a crowdfunding project on film.

For six years, Raiffeisen has been operating the platform in the cooperative sense and makes its crowdfunding platform available to project starters and supporters free of charge. Recently, the national fundraising platform was thus able to celebrate reaching 20 million francs in donations for over 1,100 local projects.

Raiffeisen's image campaign aims to show the potential of crowdfunding and to raise awareness of Raiffeisen's successful donation platform, which was launched for this purpose. Shining Film delivers the appropriate film.

The film is intended to differentiate Raiffeisen as a cooperative and to show that something is given back to the region by means of crowdfunding or the platform, in line with the cooperative idea.

Representative of thousands of successful projects

In order to strengthen the bond with the region in all parts of the country, the broad Swiss population is addressed with the aim of motivating visitors to to enter their own local and charitable project.

To select and portray a single project out of more than 1000 successful ones was jointly rejected. A film script was developed that is based on several concrete projects and tells the story of the creation of an adventure playground. The film will be used on TV and in cinemas as well as on social media.

Responsible at Raiffeisen: Oliver Niedermann (Head of Marketing), André Stöckli (Head of Sponsoring); Samuel Weibel (Group Manager, Delia Burkhard (Consultant Communication-Marketing Responsible at Shining Film (film production): Stefan Bircher (Concept, Script and Executive Producer), Jonathan Heyer (Concept, Script, Director and Photographer), Lea Dettli, Manuela Rüegg (Production Management), Daryl Hefti (Director of Photography), Frederik Kunkel (Equipment), Wolfgang Weigl (Edit).

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