Publicis/Notch for UBS: Moments you won't forget

In the current UBS pension campaign, which was implemented by Publicis and Notch, the bank shows a lot of understanding for the fact that there are clearly nicer things for people than private pension provision - but hardly anything more important.

Many people have the topic of old-age provision somewhere in the back of their minds - but unfortunately only there. Most of them suppress their private pension provision and prefer to spend their spare time, which is scarce anyway, on more pleasant things than a consultation at the bank. In the long run, a single hour spent with a pension advisor can make you much happier than an hour spent with your favorite hobby. This is dramatized by Publicis/Notch in their latest campaign for UBS Pension Advice.

Under the motto "Time well spent", various pension solutions are advertised depending on the target group segment and application phase, with corresponding time details and calls to action based on the amount of advice required. They are accompanied by online tools such as the UBS Tax Calculator, which shows in just five minutes how to optimize one's own retirement planning.

For private clients, wealth management clients and corporate clients, the benefits of combining practical online tools with in-depth UBS retirement planning advice can be summed up in one simple sentence: "Make the right provision."

The cross-media campaign takes into account different channels such as social media, display, native as well as print, and specifically addresses the interests of different target groups. The one hour of pension advice is thus individually tailored to the most diverse needs, which should lead to a deeper engagement with the customer promise.



Responsible at UBS Switzerland: Daniel Fischer (Head Marketing Region Switzerland), Sonja Kingsley-Curry (Head Strategic Initiatives & Brand Management), Manuela Hauer (Strategic Initiatives), Alessandro Monsurrò (Head Key Account Management Personal Banking & Wealth Management CH), Melanie Röser (Key Account Management Personal Banking & Wealth Management CH), Oliver Vedolin (Head Digital Marketing & Communication), Dania Vogel, Rafaela Kalbermatten (Moving Images), Julius Wiedemann (Digital Marketing), Marcel Aisslinger (Digital Communication), Katharina van Daele (Digital Development). Responsible at Publicis Zurich & Notch: Peter Brönnimann, Sascha Fanetti, Nina Martens, Nina Nesnidal, Linda David (Creation), Martin Stauch, Nils Mäder (UX/UI), Joas Landis, Judith Schnigula (Consulting), Mark Becher, Angelina Tovirac (Strategy), Suzana Kovacevic (Integrated Producer. Production of digital advertising material: Prodigious Zurich. Film Production: Markenfilm, Florian Studer (Producer), Markus Hürsch (Director). Sound: Jingle Jungle.

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