Zimmermann Communications: Emmentaler brings back the cheese look

Tradition interpreted in a modern way: Emmentaler Switzerland is giving away an e-bike with a cheese look. Zimmermann Communications and Compresso implemented the associated campaign.

Anyone who buys an Emmentaler AOP Mild or Surchoix in the Coop now has the chance to win an exclusive and limited edition e-bike from Thömus: Designed and created in the cheese look that adorned the suits of our Swiss ski stars for many years.

The campaign was launched with a teaser on social media. It is resolved with a film that visually stages the cheese e-bike in the style of an exclusive product launch, but never loses its down-to-earthness with the rustic Bernese off-voice.

The campaign is currently running on TV and is supported by selectively chosen POS posters, digital advertising media and special implementations on social media channels.

Responsible at Emmentaler Switzerland: Sandra Wiedmer (Marketing & Communication Manager). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Lara Cavelti, Florian Bieniek (Project Management), Dominik Mätzener (Managing Director Consulting), Implementation and production of digital advertising material and landing page: Zimmermann Communications, Compresso. Film and Production: Marty/Trezzini; Yves Marty (Director), Nino Michel (DOP), Gianluca Trezzini (Photography).

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