Zurich Red Cross launches campaign for more humanity

The Zurich Red Cross is committed to providing help to people in the canton who need it. To do this, it needs the support of numerous volunteers and donors. The six volunteers Olivia, Thomas, Isabelle, Ivona, Nermin and Andreas can currently be seen on posters in the canton of Zurich advertising volunteer work.


More than 2,600 volunteers spend 203,100 hours a year helping others on behalf of the Zurich Red Cross. To ensure that many volunteers continue to help their fellow human beings in the future, the relief organization is launching a campaign today to draw attention to the fact that anyone and everyone can help. A total of six volunteers and the people they help in their free time can be seen on various posters in the canton of Zurich.

"Community is not a question of origin," Olivia, who supports a foreign-language guest child as a volunteer, is convinced. Nermin, a volunteer in the public transport escort service, wants to make a contribution to society with his commitment. Everyone can do good in their own neighborhood. Any support is valuable and benefits the disadvantaged in the canton of Zurich - whether in the form of time or a donation.

On July 23, 2019, the Zurich Red Cross will also organize the "Red Cross Night" at the Allianz Cinema together with Allianz. Allianz donates 20 percent of the ticket revenue to the integration program "mitten unter uns. Thanks to its partners, the Zurich Red Cross can also show a short commercial with Stefan Gubser at the Allianz Cinema for over four weeks. (pd/swi)

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