Body Talk for over 100 years: Rausch launches new campaign

Appreciating women and strengthening women's body awareness in a natural way with high-quality care products - that's what Rausch has stood for for almost 130 years. In its latest campaign, the traditional company is now cooperating with self-confident women who are mindful of their everyday lives and value a natural, well-groomed body image.


Rausch, the beauty brand from Switzerland, launched three new body care lines in January 2019. All three lines care for and protect different skin types with selected active ingredients.

Under the theme "My Body is my Message," the company is giving its campaign real faces and launching the collaboration with carefully selected female ambassadors. All eight women stand for the message that a strong body awareness is independent of age, hair color or profession. They unite the intention to do good for their bodies and to create space, time and awareness for their bodies.


As a mother and yoga teacher, Ambassador Mirjam Haymann (Instagram: @mirjamhaymann) has both feet on the ground and pays attention to nature-based care with tradition. Her passion for yoga gives her a strong body image, which is supported by Rausch body care. This combination makes her the perfect ambassador for the campaign.

Responsible at Rausch: Lucas Baumann (CEO); Erich Baumgartner (Core); Petra Hollenstein (Head of Marketing); Barbara Affentranger (Head of PR); Lea Riether, Anja Kaiser (Product Management). Responsible at By Heart: Markus Bircher, Senior Partner (Strategy); Regine Schoeller (Art Direction, Head of Editorial); Leandra Waeber (Project Management, Head of Growth Engine); Roger Umbricht, Erik Weibel (Head of Digital, Head of Istrumente Growth Engine); Frank Brunnbauer (Copy); Julian Scheidegger (Design). Responsible PR: Isabella Krompass (We love PR); Patricia Mohr (we love PR). Responsible Media: Oliver Huber (JBW). Photographer: Franco P. Tettamanti.


Karen Fleischmann (Instagram: @karenfleischmann) is also an enthusiastic Rausch Ambassador. The model loves her body and thus symbolizes everything that Rausch body care stands for and wants to achieve: love for oneself and mindfulness for one's own body. This mindfulness also applies to nature. Sustainability is an important value for both Karen Fleischmann and Rausch.


The dialogue with and among women is conducted on digital channels as part of the campaign and forms a community under the hashtag #bodytalk that celebrates positive body awareness based on Swiss herbal quality. Women have the opportunity to exchange ideas on topics such as natural body care, herbs, women and self-love. They network, engage in dialogue and thus form a community. For Rausch, the campaign represents a departure on new digital paths toward dialogue, constant exchange, and conversation.


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