WOZ and Leo Burnett advertise the "time" factor as the basis for good journalism

Leo Burnett has created three new spots for the weekly.


Journalism is under pressure in many places. Increasingly, it is only a matter of quickly feeding selected news into the media exploitation chain. Regardless of whether the research was done at all or how well it was done. Not so with the weekly WOZ. It attaches much more importance to research, collects more facts from various sources and takes more time for writing itself. Because good work takes time. This is true not only in journalism, but also in every other profession: in three short spots set in a barber's shop, in therapy and in a massage, highly dismayed WOZ journalists experience first-hand what it's like when someone lacks the time for decent work. This makes it all the clearer the difference to their own way of working, which is time-consuming for good reason. That this effort is worthwhile is shown not only by the steadily increasing circulation of WOZ. But also the Media Quality Rating 2018 of the Stifterverein Medienqualität Schweiz, in which a content-analytical procedure determined WOZ to be No. 1 among all Swiss press products in the quality of reporting.

The three spots can be seen in selected cinemas in German-speaking Switzerland and online from mid-January.


Responsible at WOZ: WOZ Marketing (Claudia Gillardon, Camille Roseau). Responsible at Leo Burnett:
Urs Schrepfer, Ilija Gautschi, David Fischer, Martin Stulz, Lars Wohlnick (creation); Elisa Stahel (consulting), Sarida Bosoni, Gisela Widmer (art buying); responsible for production: CZAR Film AG (film production), Fabian Epe (direction), Mahmoud Belakhel (camera), Sandy Blum, Philippe Favre (production), Nicolas Epe (music), Jingle Jungle (sound design).

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