The first Love Cake baking book

Erdmannpeisker implements the first baking book of the Dr. Oetker Love Cake bakers.


The Love Cake Involvement campaign called for submissions of Swiss bakers' favorite pastries. 50 creations and their makers were selected and presented in the new baking book. A wide variety of creations and touching little childhood stories with personal highlights and flops make you want to leaf through the book and bake your own Love Cake right away.


Responsible at Dr. Oetker: Valery Henle (Head of Marketing), Monika Oswald (Consumer Relationship Manager), Helen Yildirim, Patrizia Mauro, Joëlle Zaugg (Product Manager Cake/Dessert), Sarah Siegrist(Digital Media Manager). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (CD), Sybille Erdmann (consulting), Julia Bazzini, Jenny Ziörjen (design), Christina Weisser (AD), Laura Fässler (animations). Photography and styling: Claudia Schilling (styling/photo food), Anja Fonseka (photo portrait). Print: Bernhard Stauffiger (GU Media).

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