Agency at the airport congratulates on birthdays that are not yet birthdays

For VBZ TrafficMedia, the agency at the airport created a mailing that reminds companies of their own anniversary soon enough.


Birthdays and company anniversaries are something special. Accordingly, companies always take the opportunity for once to appear in public in an unusual form. VBZ offers an ideal platform for this with the exclusive full painting of one of the five Zurich Cobra streetcars. But upcoming company anniversaries have another peculiarity: Those responsible often only become aware of them at the last minute. VBZ TrafficMedia remedies this and congratulates the jubilarians already one year in advance with a personally fully painted birthday cake.


VBZ TrafficMedia: Alija Idriz (Head of VBZ TrafficMedia), Daniel Andres (Sales Manager VBZ TrafficMedia), Serge Nater (Product Management VBZ TrafficMedia). Responsible at Agentur am Flughafen, Altenrhein: René Eugstair (Creative Direction), Dominique Rutishauser (Art Direction), Valeria Hörler (Graphics), Miriam Egli (Text/Consulting).

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