Rod launches new BFU sports prevention campaign

Every year, around 400,000 people living in Switzerland are injured while playing sports. The AAIB wants to contribute to reducing the number of sports accidents in Switzerland and is therefore launching a new campaign. With the slogan "Think about sports", it appeals to the personal responsibility of sportsmen and sportswomen.


Too many sportsmen and sportswomen are injured in Switzerland every year. That's the opinion of the BFU - Swiss Council for Accident Prevention. That is why it is launching its new campaign "Think about sports". It shows that everyone can contribute to reducing the number of sports accidents by taking personal responsibility. The campaign by the Rod communications agency focuses on various sports that are generally self-organized and practiced without professional instruction.

The BFU does not want to discourage sportspeople from exercising; on the contrary, sports are fundamentally healthy. Rather, athletes should ask themselves: Am I properly equipped? How do I have to behave? Am I physically and mentally ready for the chosen sporting challenge? Am I overtaxing my body or risking too much? With the newly created slogan "Think sports. Stop sports accidents", sports enthusiasts are being made aware of this.

A plaster sucks

The campaign will be shown on TV and YouTube from July 6. The main protagonist of the videos is the character "Fritz the Plaster". Fritz tries to provoke those who practice their sport correctly and safely with his cheeky sayings and encourage them to take more risks. For example, he teases a female biker about her helmet hairdo or encourages a man in the fitness center to lift even more weight. But "Fritz der Gips" is not listened to; the two men are not irritated by him. In addition to the TV commercials, the bfu is present with the new campaign at various sporting events. Posters can be ordered online directly from the bfu store.

Person responsible at BFU: Campaign Manager:Franziska Hartmann, Head of Sports Department: Hansjürg Thüler. Responsible agency: Rod. Film production:Tuna, directed by Zoran Bihać. Photo Production: Jonathan Heyer

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