A solo against loneliness

Wirz promotes the Ikea initiative "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" with a film.


No one should be alone at Christmas. Since Ikea Switzerland launched the "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" initiative launched no one has to anymore. About the online platform Noemptychairs.ch anyone can find - or offer - a place at a Christmas table. It doesn't matter if you're a single parent, if your relatives live abroad, or if you want to provide an extra chair for the feast yourself. Somewhere, there's a place for everyone to join in the celebration. That's why the initiative's motto for 2016 is once again: No one should be alone at Christmas. Find each other and celebrate together!

What is new, however, is that "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" is being promoted with a film for the first time this year. It tells the story of a man sitting lonely and alone in his apartment on Christmas Eve. Suddenly, through the thin walls, he hears the family from the apartment next door singing a beautiful Christmas carol. Wistfully, the man listens and turns off the television. After a few seconds of listening, he too joins in the song. At first only softly, then a little louder and finally fervently. Moved, he sings away all his loneliness. Until the doorbell rings...

Responsible at Ikea Switzerland: Mikael Pilblad (Marketing Manager Switzerland), Simon Wirth (Country External Communication Manager), Franziska Merz (Project Leader Campaign), Nicole Wederich (Interior Designer Marketing). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese (CCO), Caspar Heuss (CD), Mateo Sacchetti, Katrin Espelage (Text), Heinrich Schnorf (AD), Lisa von Radecke, Naomi Gulla (Graphics), Henrik Zapp (Strategic Planner), Sascha Djabbari (Digital), Petra Dreyfus, Simone Jehle, Martina Raach (Consulting), Bettina Faessler (Art Buying), Pumpkin Film (Production), Alain Gsponer (Director), Marc Achenbach (Camera), Sonja Brand (Executive Producer), Goetz Hudelmaier (Producer), Daniel Kladiva (Editor), Kirschner Music (Music u. Mixing), Online Video / Fraqment Film (Postproduction).

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