All change, please

TBWA\Zurich realized the campaign for the new edition of the SBB app with Yvette Michel - the new mobile testimonial of the SBB.


The mobile sales channel plays a key role in SBB's sales strategy. To achieve its ambitious growth targets, SBB therefore developed its flagship app SBB Mobile from scratch. The app has been expanded into a digital travel companion and makes buying tickets more convenient. The most striking innovation is undoubtedly the touch timetable, which allows users to connect their destinations on their mobile device with a single finger, obtain all connections and purchase their ticket directly. In addition, the app now provides real-time information about departure times, delays, track changes and much more.

TBWA\Zurich realized a three-year campaign for SBB's Digital Shift. To highlight the advantages and simplicity of the app, a new testimonial is to be established. Yvette Michel, a headstrong older lady who can't understand why travelers still buy their tickets at the ticket counter or vending machine. After all, the new app is easier than knitting. The 73-year-old testimonial will be working for SBB for the next few years. The films were shot by Stories and directed by Jon Barber and DoP Jan Mettler.

The integrated campaign kicked off with an ambient media campaign by SBB: An oversized red ball of wool was placed at nine different locations in Switzerland to arouse curiosity. The online video already achieved over 300,000 views. The campaign was finally broken up by the TV commercials. In addition, around 270 of the 12,000 community members who tested and commented on the app in advance will be invited to a gala dinner with a press conference and film presentation at Zurich's Aura. Print, online and a sampling campaign at the Bern train station with knitted cell phone covers additionally flank the campaign.


Responsible at SBB: Christof Zogg (Director Digital Business), Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications), Sabrina Rizzo (Digital Marketing Manager), Stefanie Gloor (Communications Manager) Franziska Pasqua (Media). Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Bruce Roberts, Peter Brönnimann, Manuel Wenzel, Titian Walti, Angelo Sciullo, Silke Erschbaumer (Creation), Alexandra Kellenberger (Consulting), Ilonka Galliard (Art Buying/Agency Producing). Film production: Stories: Jon Barber (director), Lamar Hawkins (producer), Jan Mettler (DOP). Photography: Sven Germann. Ambient Media: Sam Schneider (Customfuture), Urs Meier and team (Luft & Laune).

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