Agency for positive impact Maji Studio founded

The two UX designers Martin von Siebenthal and Kenji Nguyen are launching their own agency, Maji Studio, in April. Together, they offer comprehensive digital solutions - and focus primarily on social or sustainable projects.

Martin von Siebenthal (left) and Kenji Nguyen founded Maji Studio together. (Image: zVg.)

After several years together at the Ginetta agency, Martin von Siebenthal and Kenji Nguyen have decided to become their own bosses and open their own agency. Maji Studio to found Maji. Thanks to the extensive expertise of the two founders, Maji is a versatile digital agency: "We complement each other very well: from strategy to design to development, we also take on complex projects - without overhead," explains Kenji Nguyen.

Digital and social

Maji Studio wants to focus on projects that have a positive impact. "Whether ecological, social, NGO or cultural: we don't just want to design beautiful websites, we also want to make a difference. With the help of the latest technologies such as AI, we create real added value for our customers, their users and therefore our society," explains Martin von Siebenthal.

This aspiration was a key driver for the founding of the agency, it continues. The first projects have already started.

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