Worldline and Scholz & Friends Zurich support start-ups

In mid-November, Worldline launched the branded content format "Boost My Bizz" with moving images on 20 Minuten and Instagram. It was developed by Scholz & Friends Zurich.

Running your own company is fun. Especially when everything runs smoothly. But start-ups and small businesses in particular have to keep an eye on the money. This is where "Tap on Mobile" from Worldline comes into play: with the new app, the cell phone becomes a cash register and cashless payment transactions are processed easily, wirelessly and cost-effectively.

Entrepreneurs were informed about 20 minutes called for applications. The prize was a makeover for your own company. Also included: A smartphone including a pre-installed Worldline app. The winners can now cash in. Branded content - from the call to action to the documented implementation - brings the principle closer to the target group in an entertaining way. The campaign is played out via paid posts.

Responsible at Worldline: Sibylle Wolfisberg-Osusky (Project Manager Marketing Communications Merchant Services), Sophie Gahleitner (Senior Project Manager Marketing Communications). Agency: Scholz & Friends Zurich. Media partner: 20 Minuten. Content production: Superglue.

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