Butcher Rottmann Bürge advertises "refreshingly honest" for Knutwiler

Metzger Rottmann Bürge created a new image for Knutwiler, the "refreshingly honest mineral water from the heart of Switzerland. The advertising is also completely free of lies.

Being honest is not always easy. Especially not when you consider how often we tell little white lies in everyday life. There are studies that say we humans lie up to 978 times a day. Well, we just made that number up. A little lie - as is so often the case in advertising," the agency admits and goes on to write: "Knutwiler is different. Knutwiler is naturally balanced and refreshingly honest. MRB's new campaign expresses this - and shows refreshingly honest advertising with refreshingly honest people for the refreshingly honest mineral water from Bad Knutwil."

The campaign can now be seen online and offline, and now also in the Zurich and Aargau regions.


Responsible at Mineralquelle Bad Knutwil AG: Stefan Suter (CEO); Linda Schwenk (Head of Marketing); Mirella Nard (Marketing/Communications). Responsible at Metzger Rottmann Bürge: Christoph Bürge (Strategy), Celina Sprenger, Silvan Metzger, Roman Steinacher (Consulting); Carol Hämmig (Social Media); Cyrill Wirz, Frederick Rossmann (Creation); Bruno Breitenmoser (Production); Photography: Jonathan Heyer

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