Marcus Föbus takes over project management at SMDH

The "Swiss Media Data Hub" (SMDH) project, initiated jointly by Mediapulse and WEMF, has a new project manager in Marcus Föbus and is starting to be implemented step by step. Currency data from the modernized online advertising media research as well as a new online advertising media research are to be made available to the Swiss market by mid-2019.


The "Swiss Media Data Hub" (SMDH) research project launched by Mediapulse and WEMF in May 2016 to renew the existing online research will be implemented in the third quarter of 2017. Marcus Föbus, an internationally experienced media researcher and profound expert in online research, has been recruited as project manager for the implementation, which is now getting underway. Until he took up his post on September 1, 2017, the 41-year-old was Global Director Strategy & Business Development at GfK SE Media Measurement in Frankfurt/Main, where he was responsible for online reach measurement. The previous director, who was in charge of the preparatory conception and set-up phase, is now the

Project Manager Mike Weber is delighted with the choice of Marcus Föbus: "The Swiss media and advertising market can consider itself very fortunate that we were able to persuade Marcus Föbus to make his specific and sought-after know-how available to the local market". Mike Weber is devoting himself to new tasks after a handover period.

First currency data by mid-2019

The intention is to provide market-compliant and high-quality currency data on online usage (advertising media/advertising media) of the Swiss resident population by mid-2019. The new currency data of the future currency research organization under the majority participation of Mediapulse and WEMF, will replace the previous online currency of NET-Metrix in the medium term. By the end of 2019 at the latest.

Research service providers are fixed

To survey the reach of online advertising media (use of websites, apps, streaming media) and the net reach of online advertising media / online campaigns (display, moving image, audio), the newly established online research will rely on state-of-the-art and future-proof measurement technologies and methodologies from established market research institutes. The main contract partner will be ComScore, which will involve the established domestic companies Intervista and DemoSCOPE, particularly for panel operations. In addition, the new research approach will provide online usage data that will allow the established industry research organizations Mediapulse and WEMF to supplement their own currency data (radio, TV, print, intermedia). Mediapulse in particular will be able to close its existing measurement gaps in radio and TV research with data deliveries from the new online research.

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