"Knowledge for all": SRF makes videos available for free use

From 2024, SRF will make explanatory videos available online and for free use as part of a pilot program. The first graphically prepared explanatory videos come from SRF's science editorial team and can now be found in articles on Wikipedia thanks to the collaboration with Wikimedia CH. Students, teachers and educational institutions can also freely use or edit the videos. In this way, SRF aims to offer even easier access to knowledge content.

(Image: SRF)

The SRF videos deal with various scientific topics. Complex relationships are presented graphically and made understandable to viewers in a simple way in just a few minutes. The content comes from the SRF knowledge programs "Einstein" and "Puls" from SRF Kultur. It is based on in-depth specialist research and has been re-edited for public digital use. 

As part of a pilot program and in collaboration with Wikimedia CH, SRF is now making a selection of explanatory videos available for free use - a so-called Creative Commons license. Viewers and users can freely use these graphically prepared explanatory videos in compliance with the Creative Commons license. The main aim is for students, teachers and educational institutions to benefit from SRF's content and expertise in the field of knowledge for lectures or lessons. 

"'Knowledge for everyone': that's what we want to offer and the explanatory videos enable us to do just that," explains Andrea Fischli Roth, Head of the Science multimedia team at SRF Kultur. "Anyone can use and download the animations from the fields of nature, the environment, knowledge and health. And they also appear on Wikipedia and enrich the entries there on a factual level."  

Since 2020, there has been a lively exchange between the Wikimedia world and ARD and ZDF in Germany. A whole series of videos have already been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, the free online media database. In Switzerland, SRF and Wikimedia CH both took up the topic and approached each other.

The first SRF videos for free use are available on Play SRF or under Srf.ch/creativecommons available. The Creative Commons license "CC BY SA" allows content to be used in whole or in part by anyone. The source must be cited for each use.The pilot project will run until the end of July 2024. SRF will evaluate whether and in what form the project will be continued after the end of the test phase. 

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