Axa launches podcast for women's soccer

"Steilpass" is the name of Axa's newly launched podcast. It deals with topics relating to women's football and is part of a global campaign that aims, among other things, to increase the visibility of women in sport.

Axa has been actively supporting Swiss women's football since 2020 and has now launched Switzerland's first podcast on the topic together with Winterthur-based Podcastschmiede. Former footballer Sarah Akanji has been recruited as the host and is an expert on the topic. Topics of the first season include equal opportunities, female empowerment and the compatibility of a career in professional sport with a simultaneous career. The first season of six episodes will be released by January 2024. Further seasons are planned until the European Championships in 2025.

Campaign to promote the visibility of women in sport

The podcast is part of a large-scale global campaign by the Axa Group to promote equality for women. Being a woman should not be a risk, nor should it lead to unequal treatment of any kind. The latter is still an issue in sport in particular, and also in Switzerland. According to a 2021 study, only 13% of Swiss sports coverage features women.

The local campaign aims to draw attention to this by means of a mega poster at Zurich Airport, among other things, but also via social media.

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