Schweizer Illustrierte: Special 111th anniversary issue

Schweizer Illustrierte celebrates its 111th anniversary with a 100-page special edition featuring stories that bridge the gap between yesterday and today.

The first issue of the Swiss Illustratedn was published in 1911. The 100-page special edition bridges the gap from yesterday to today. 11 events - one from each decade - which were SI were accompanied, serve as a hook for interviews with Swiss personalities. The interviews are accompanied by historical images from the SI illustrated.

In addition, political scientist Adrian Vetter has used the SI conducted a study on the popularity of federal councillors. For this, he evaluated more than 3,000 issues from over 60 years. Who tops the rankings and who received the most front pages before, during and after their term in the Federal Council is clearly recorded.

"Sometimes the Swiss Illustrated Sometimes she is criticized for being harmless, sometimes for being too aggressive. Everyone has an opinion about it - precisely because everyone has a relationship with it," says Monique Ryser, deputy editor-in-chief of the Swiss Illustrated, quoted in a statement. "With this special edition, we celebrate the achievements of our predecessors, revive highlights and give personalities of today a glimpse into the future. For once, we also chat a bit from the sewing box and present trouvailles from our archives."

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