Pioneer Günter Heuberger says goodbye to top media

Günter Heuberger, long-time Chairman of the Board of Directors and promoter of Radio Top and Tele Top, stepped down from his position at the AGM on June 28, 2022. The Board of Directors team presented itself anew.

The Board of Directors of Top Medien in new formation: from left to right Yvonne Beutler, Tobias Trevisan, Peter Döbeli and Andreas Widmer.

The two stock corporations Radio Top and Tele Top are to be transferred to a foundation so that their independence can be preserved in the long term. Günter Heuberger is a private radio pioneer from the very beginning. Since the founding of Radio Eulach in 1984, he has been committed to strong regional reporting, first on the Winterthur site and later with the merger of Radio Eulach, Radio Thurgau and Radio Wil to form Radio Top in 1998. In 1986, Günter Heuberger was involved in the founding of Winti TV, which was expanded into Tele Top in 1999 and received a TV license in 2008. Through his many years of activity in the Association of Swiss Private Radio Stations, he has also helped shape the media landscape at the national level.

Günter Heuberger's great personal commitment in every respect has played a major role in establishing the Top media in the Winterthur, Thurgau and Schaffhausen regions as an indispensable part of a present and independent public service. Radio Top and Tele Top, for example, are among the few local media in Switzerland that are not owned by a publishing house.

Martin Model, another long-standing member of the Board of Directors, also stepped down. The well-known Thurgau entrepreneur had also played a key role in shaping the development of Top Media.

New Board of Directors Team

As of July 1, 2022, the Board of Directors will be composed of: Peter Döbeli (previously), Chairman, Swiss certified communications manager/founder and owner of Konnex, Agentur für Medien-Kommunikation AG, Tobias Trevisan (new), Vice Chairman, entrepreneur, former publishing manager, Andreas Widmer (previously), member, entrepreneur, cantonal councilor, and Yvonne Beutler (new), partner, consulting company. Andreas Widmer (previously), member, entrepreneur, cantonal councilor, and Yvonne Beutler (new), member, partner in a consulting firm, former producer of SRF and city councilor.

The General Meeting was convinced that the new Board of Directors team, with its great expertise in the fields of media and business management as well as its strong local roots in the broadcasting area, will successfully master these challenges. "We look forward to continuing to develop Radio Top, Tele Top and Top Online together with Managing Director Philippe Pfiffner and the team, always consistently focusing on the needs of users," said Peter Döbeli, the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. At the same time, it is important to place the top media on a stable financial footing. In addition, the listeners and viewers should be able to play an active role with a support association.


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