Fribourg News: Christoph Nussbaumer to succeed CEO Gilbert Bühler

Personnel changes at Freiburger Nachrichten AG: The current editor-in-chief and vice-director Christoph Nussbaumer is the designated successor to CEO Gilbert Bühler, who is suffering from a serious illness.

Gilbert Bühler (left) and Christoph Nussbaumer.

Due to a serious illness of the long-time CEO Gilbert Bühler and at his express request, the Board of Directors of Freiburger Nachrichten AG felt compelled to make a new appointment to the operational management of the company.

Gilbert Bühler has been CEO of the Fribourg News for 17 years. "The company would not be where it is today without the enormous commitment and heart and soul of Gilbert Bühler," says Daniel Schorro, Chairman of the Board of Directors. It is also worth mentioning Gilbert Bühler's great commitment to the presidency of the Swiss Media Association - a commitment which is also of great benefit to Freiburger Nachrichten AG. The Board of Directors would like to thank Gilbert Bühler most sincerely for his tireless work in the service of the company and the three newspapers Freiburger Nachrichten, Der Murtenbieter, and Anzeiger von Kerzers.

In order to ensure continuity at the top of the company, the Board of Directors appointed the current Editor-in-Chief Christoph Nussbaumer as the future CEO at its meeting on Monday, May 23.

The date for the change in the company management is still open. For the time being, Gilbert Bühler will remain CEO and Christoph Nussbaumer will retain his current function as Editor-in-Chief of Freiburger Nachrichten AG until further notice.

Gilbert Bühler (61) and Christoph Nussbaumer (58) have been developing the Fribourg News in terms of business and journalism since 2005. Because Editor-in-Chief Nussbaumer, as a member of the five-member Executive Board, has always had an insight into entrepreneurial issues, he knows the company in its entirety.

"Christoph Nussbaumer has the necessary qualities to succeed CEO Gilbert Bühler and continue his extremely successful work," says Chairman of the Board Daniel Schorro.

In particular, the new CEO designate will also be able to set important trends in the ongoing digital transformation of the company and its three newspaper titles in the coming years.

Thanks to his many years of experience as Editor-in-Chief, Christoph Nussbaumer will also be able to provide his successor with effective support during his induction. The Board of Directors is starting the search for a new Editor-in-Chief with immediate effect.

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