SRC aims to give voice to humanity with two new podcast formats

With the podcast formats "SRK Aktuell" and "SRK Engagiert", the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) wants to give humanity a voice and make the work of the SRC and its member organizations audible.

SRK AktuellThe first to go live is the "SRK Aktuell" channel. In the first episode, emergency aid expert Andrea Schmid has her say. Among other things, she is responsible for cash distribution in crisis areas. She talks about how the SRC is providing concrete help in Ukraine - and how she personally deals with stressful situations. In the second episode, we talk to the child and youth psychologist Silvan Holzer of the SRC Outpatient Clinic for Victims of Torture and War. He tells us why refugee children long for normality rather than special treatment and what the magic word "sinopastem" means.S

Information on crises and major events

SRK Aktuell is a compact short info format in the form of a talk podcast. In times of major events such as the war in Ukraine, questions arising from the population or from experts are answered and up-to-date information is conveyed. The commitment of the SRC and its member organizations, such as the Swiss Life Saving Society and Samaritan Federation, are presented and current aid is discussed. In conversations with experts and committed SRC volunteers, listeners learn about the work that is being done.

Emotional stories that show the work of the SRC

"SRK Engagiert" aims to get to the bottom of things and is a reportage and research format. This podcast shows the work of the SRC through concrete and personal stories. SRC Engagiert" features people who are committed to the SRC and those who benefit from the SRC's services. This will be launched at a later date. The contributions are produced with the Audiobande.

Responsible at the Swiss Red Cross: Isabelle Roos, SRC office in Bern (Account Manager), Flavia Nicolai, Swiss Samaritan Federation SSB (Head of Mar- keting and Communication), Janine Wenger, SRC office in Bern (Head of Marketing and PR), Philipp Binaghi, Swiss Lifesaving Society SLRG (Marketing and Communication). Responsible at Audiobande: Nicoletta Cimmino (audio journalist), This Wachter (audio producer) and Jennifer Khakshouri (audio journalist).

The podcast is available on all the usual channels and directly on

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