Digital city magazines, Swiss poster designers, blockchain, Higgs - the advertising week 14/2018 is here

Advertising Week 14/2018 is in your mailbox. These topics await you.


How do the digital city magazines work? And how do they finance themselves?

Digital, independent city magazines are in vogue and enjoying great popularity. How do the "newcomers" finance themselves? Have they found the key to the success of local journalism of the future? Werbewoche asked Christian Keller of Prime News, Christian Heeb of Barfi, Roland Wagner of Tsüri and Christian Schiller of Hello Zurich.

Why are Swiss poster designers so good?

In September, the exhibition of the poster competition "The 100 Best Posters" will come to Switzerland. The selected posters, 50 of which were designed by Swiss graphic designers, will be shown in five cities. We asked jury member Michael Kryenbühl and five other poster experts why Swiss poster designers are so successful: Jürg Schaffuser (Velvet), Nadja Mühlemann (APG|SGA), Monika Gold (HSLU), Christian Brändle (Art Museums of Switzerland, Museum für Gestaltung) and Diego Quintarelli (Clear Channel).

Head of the week: Beat Glogger

Biologist, journalist and long-time presenter of the "Einstein" predecessor "Mensch, Technik, Wissenschaft", Beat Glogger has been championing science journalism in Switzerland for years. Since the beginning of the year with Higgs, which is not only to be a platform for knowledge, but also a new media system.

"Advertising is getting fewer, smaller and worse"

Advertising week motzer Theophil Butz looked for advertising in the Tagi-Magi - and found almost none. And the one he did find left him almost speechless. But only almost. It was still enough for the Motz column. "Simply unbelievable bullshit," was his conclusion, among others.

"Blockchain technology will turn marketing on its head"

Internet pioneer and book author Jörg Eugster is sure that blockchain will (also) turn many things upside down in marketing. He explains his three theses in his guest article. Thesis 1: The blockchain will lead the DSGVO ad absurdum. Thesis 2: A digital signature based on blockchain will make fake bots impossible and fake news more difficult. Thesis 3: Facebook will be irrelevant in five years because of the digital ID based on the blockchain.

The perfect power: What advertisers can learn from Tinder

The dating app Tinder has radically changed the way people meet and form relationships. Partner selection is based on who attracts at first sight. What if digital interactions between brands and consumers were designed around the same principle? How can we ignite the digital spark that can become the start of a relationship? Two insights on how to learn from Tinder.

...and much more. For example:

The Media Column From Marlon Rusch (Schaffhauser AZ): "How we journalists, against all the rules, make politics - in order to be able to engage in sensible journalism again".

The Opinion column From Oliver Classen: "Give your raise to the Tagi, Mr. Tonini!" demands Public Eye's media spokesman.

Corinne Hert, Head of Consulting and Member of the Executive Board at Komet, answers the "13 questions".

The illustrator team Source area presents itself in our column "Eyecatcher".

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