"10vor10": Susanne Wille quits as presenter

Susanne Wille is stepping down as host of "10vor10. After ten years on screen, she is joining the team of reporters and will focus on reporting from the Federal Parliament.


Susanne Wille has worked as a presenter and editor for "10vor10" for the past ten years. She has also worked as a reporter, reporting from Russia, Iran, Turkey and India. Now the 36-year-old is taking on a new role at "10vor10": the trained historian will focus on reporting on domestic politics from the Federal Parliament, especially during the sessions of the Federal Assembly, as Swiss Television announced on Tuesday. Susanne Wille on her job change: " I want to be even closer to political events as a journalist in the Federal Parliament and work more as a reporter again." The vacant position will be advertised.

(Pictures: SF)

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