NZZ Media Group: Head of Project Management Appointed

Simon Virlis will take over as Head of Project Management at the NZZ Media Group on March 1. The position was newly created and reports directly to CEO Albert P. Stäheli.

With the new position for project management, the NZZ Media Group intends to focus more strongly on investments and expansion following the restructuring and the foreseeable completion of the ongoing integration projects by the end of the year, as the company announced on Monday. In his new role, 32-year-old Virlis will be responsible for consolidating current projects and developing the foundations for future projects and investments.

Simon Virlis graduated from the University of Zurich with a Master of Arts in Business Administration. He was a member of the Executive Board of the Amiado Group, a subsidiary of Axel Springer, and managed AG and AG within the Group. He built up the latter and sold it to Axel Springer in 2008.


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