"Arosa makes dreams come true" is "Master of Swiss Web 2024"

On Thursday evening, the best web projects of the year were honored at The Hall in Dübendorf as part of the "Best of Swiss Web" award night. The winner and thus "Master of Swiss Web 2024" is the project "Arosa makes dreams come true" by Yoveo | Team Farner for Arosa Tourism.

(Image: Best of Swiss Web/Eduard Meltzer)

The project "Arosa Tourism: Arosa makes dreams come true", implemented by Yoveo | Team Farner, wins Best of Swiss Web 2024. The jury justified its choice as follows: "Arosa as a destination has the task of generating new reach and engagement for the resort every year. The new 2024 winter campaign has succeeded in capturing the magic of the mountains. To do this, the latest possibilities of GenAI were used to transform mountain dreams into campaign images. The campaign asked: 'What is your # mountain dream?' and called for people to have their own personal mountain dream turned into an image by an AI tool. This first crowd-generated AI campaign in Switzerland attracted attention and convinced the jury with its emotional and exemplary brand experience staged on various channels."

93 awards in eleven categories

The expert jury of Best of Swiss Web came to the following conclusion: 11 gold buoys, 28 silver and 54 bronze awards. The winning projects provide a glimpse into the world of dispatchers, show how digital learning works today and what makes a modern e-commerce platform.

An overview of all gold, silver and bronze winners can be found on the Website of Best of Swiss Web.

Gold for "The FlipCode Mystery" at the Goldbach Crossmedia Award

30 campaigns competed for the Goldbach Crossmedia Award at the Award Night. The winner was the client Samsung and contractor Sir Mary with their immersive multichannel campaign "The FlipCode Mystery" (Werbewoche.ch reported).

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