Young Lions: Weischer.Cinema cooperates with ADC

The Swiss representative of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Weischer.Cinema and ADC Switzerland enable young Swiss talent to participate in the international Young Lions Competition 2023.

Photo: Alexis Amz da Cruz; Unsplash.

The teams in the categories Film, Print and Digital have qualified via ADC Young Creatives Awards 2023 to participate in the young talent competition. The Media Team was determined in a careful selection process by Weischer.Cinema. Also participating in Cannes, but not taking part in the Young Lions Competition, is the team that won the ADC Young Creatives Award in the Direct category. This is made possible by the support of the category sponsors of the ADC Young Creatives Awards as well as the respective agencies Jung von Matt Limmat, Wunderman Thompson and TBWA.

"We are very excited about the partnership with ADC Switzerland and the talented participants* who make up the Swiss Young Lions team," says Christof Kaufmann, CEO of Weischer.Cinema. According to Kaufmann, the collaboration also lends a new dimension to the entire
Creative industry boost: "I'm not worried about the local creative industry when I see our talented young people," the Weischer.Cinema CEO continues.

Philipp Skrabal, ADC Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Farner on the cooperation: "ADC invests a lot in Switzerland as a creative location. We are very pleased that our successful youngsters will be able to compete internationally again in Cannes in 2023."

After two digital years, the Young Lions up-and-coming talent competition is back in Cannes. During the Cannes Lions Festival from June 19 to June 23, the young Swiss talents will compete against the world's best young creatives in the categories Film, Print, Digital and Media.

The "Team Swiss 2023":


Natalie Friedrich from Jung von Matt Limmat
Joséphine Ducret from Jung von Matt Limmat


Julia Fuchs from Wunderman Thompson
Nathan Bastino from Wunderman Thompson


Selina Engeli from TBWA
Naomi Gulla from TBWA


Gabriela Oetliker from Jung von Matt Impact
Sophia-Maria Kramer from Jung von Matt Limmat


Cedric Fuchs from Jung von Matt Limmat
Terence Fuchs (Freelance)

The aim is to continue this cooperative collaboration in the coming years in order to further promote young talent in the Swiss creative industry. In the transition year 2023, the partners will define further steps to make this possible.

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