Best of Swiss Web: Team Farner and Sir Mary come out on top

Best of Swiss Web 2024 has published new top lists showing who the most successful web service providers in Switzerland are. There is a new first place in the 5-year best list.

The Best of Swiss Web 2024 lists are here. They show who has made it to the top and who has made a name for themselves this year. Since 2019, the ranking has been divided into a 10-year and a 5-year list. In this way, the award recognizes both long-term industry successes and up-and-coming companies. Each award also brings a fixed number of points, from shortlist entry (1) to bronze (2), silver (4), gold (7) and master title (3).

The top 3 remain stable

Dept, Unic and Jung von Matt have successfully defended their top positions on the perpetual best list and the 10-year best list. The three are among the most successful agencies in Switzerland. However, there has been a shake-up in the 5-year best list: Team Farner| Switzerland is now in first place, followed by Unic in second and Dept in third.

The climbers of the year

Sir Mary scored 15 points with the Gold project "The FlipCode Mystery", moving up 56 places on the 10-year leaderboard. mutoco also achieved an outstanding rise. The agency climbed 21 places and is now in 19th place in the 5-year ranking.

The winners of the evening

Team Farner | Switzerland scored 31 points this year with various projects, 3 points more than Jung von Matt. This is the first time that Team Farner | Switzerland has landed on the winner's podium of the 5-year best list.

Every spring, the Best of Swiss Web Award honors outstanding work commissioned by Swiss companies or created for Swiss companies in which the use of web technologies plays a key role. Best of Swiss Web sets quality standards, promotes transparency in a still young industry and gives it a face. You can find out more about the best lists here.


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