SRF "Einstein" wins Academy Award Science Communication 2023

The Swiss Science Film Academy honors the SRF science program "Einstein" with the Walking Ibex Award for "Science Communication 2023". The prize goes to the entire "Einstein" team.

The team of the SRF program "Einstein" at the award ceremony: Tobias Müller, Kathrin Hönegger, Andrea Fischli Roth and the two presenters of the Swiss Science Film Academy Award (from left to right). (Image: SRF/zVg.)

The SRF program "Einstein" wins the Walking Ibex in the category "Science Communication". The prize was awarded by the Swiss Science Film Academy and recognizes special achievements in the field of "Science Communication".

The award was presented to the team of the SRF program "Einstein" at an awards ceremony on Sunday. "'Einstein' has been around for 16 years almost to the day, and we are very pleased to receive this award," said Andrea Fischli, co-head of science editorial. "Science has the noble goal of advancing humanity, and we at 'Einstein' contribute to that. By using science to make the world more comprehensible, exciting and entertaining. This award goes to the whole team, as well as the cameramen, editors and writers who make our show possible week after week."

"Einstein" is a science program that reports weekly on current and profound topics from all areas of knowledge. Experts help make connections and bridge the gap between everyday life and science. The aim of the program is to inform, educate and entertain a broad audience with fascinating stories from all areas of science.

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