Seed for Swiss Life: We have it in our hands

Swiss Life consistently aligns its communication with its corporate purpose: to support people in leading a self-determined life. Seed has produced a film on this topic.

It is up to Swiss Life employees to make targeted contributions so that customers can shape their lives in a self-determined way. Or in short: so that they have it in their own hands. The new Swiss Life film builds on this basic idea. Consequently, it uses close-ups of hands. And another reference: the current Swiss Life logo was introduced 20 years ago. The three red lines symbolize the lifelines of the right hand.

The film is primarily aimed at employees. It is part of the annual internal Group-wide kick-off events, which are attended by several thousand employees in total. It is also used at other events and on Swiss Life websites.

Seed developed and realized the film in close cooperation with Swiss Life. The film was directed by Simon Steuri.

Responsible at Swiss Life: Eveline Kobler, Michael Preisig, Philip Spaar. Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication: Simon Steuri (director, screenplay, editor), Andreas Szentkuti (concept, screenplay), Stephan Fallucchi (camera), Marius Mahler (camera assistant), Oliver Muff (lighting technician), Andrea Aggiato, Fabia Metzger, Naser Alija (set design), Geraldine Fessel, Robin Fessel (production design), Philippe Favre (location scout), Bardo Eicher (sound design, sound mixing), Madlaina Courvoisier (production assistant), Bastian Hertel (production/recording manager), Felix Courvoisier (producer).

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