Sunrise-UPC appoints new management team

Following the acquisition of Sunrise by UPC, the merged telecom company has appointed new management with managers from both companies. Among others, UPC CMO Stefan Fuchs will be the new head of marketing, Sunrise-UPC announced in a communiqué on Friday.

The organizational chart of the recently merged Sunrise-UPC.

Three weeks ago, Sunrise CEO André Krause had already been appointed CEO of the joint company ( reported). After 10 months at the helm of the Swiss cable network operator, UPC CEO Baptiest Coopmans thus returned to parent company Liberty Global, where he will assume a leading operational role. In return, his predecessor Severina Pascu was appointed Krause's deputy and operational officer.

Sunrise-UPC has now announced the remaining members of the management board: Sunrise's head of technology Elmar Grasser will retain his post in the merged group. Stefan Fuchs will be head of marketing, and Giuseppe Bonina will be head of sales.

In total, the new management team comprises 14 members, including Christoph Richartz as the new head of YOL. Krause had paid "particular attention to a stable organization" and the "best composition of executives from both companies" in the selection process, the statement said. Now the integration program for the merger of the two telecom providers is to be worked out in detail.


The Sunrise UPC management at a glance

  • André Krause, CEO
  • Severina Pascu, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer
  • Jany Fruytier, Chief Financial Officer
  • Elmar Grasser, Chief Technical Officer
  • Duncan Macdonald, Chief Information Officer
  • Tobias Foster, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Stefan Fuchs, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Giuseppe Bonina, Chief Sales Officer
  • Robert Wigger, Chief Business Officer
  • Françoise Clemes, Chief Customer Officer
  • Christoph Richartz, Chief YOL Officer
  • Mick Fernhout, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer
  • Nadine Zollinger, General Counsel
  • Marcel Huber, Chief Regulatory & Access Officer


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