Meta Performance Talks: Why Hutter Consult relies on portrait format and Advantage Plus Shopping

In the Meta Performance Talk, Beat Hürlimann spoke with Thomas Besmer from Hutter Consult about trends and special features in performance marketing. In the talk, Besmer shares the latest on AI, personalization, short-form video content and meta tools.

Thomas Besmer from Hutter Consult (right) with moderator Beat Hürlimann at the Meta Performance Talks 2023.

The topics in this edition of Meta Performance Talk:

Portrait videos and short-form content

One prominent trend Besmer emphasized is the proliferation of portrait videos and short-form content. Companies need to be able to convey crisp, precise messages.

AI in performance

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in the world of performance. It simplifies the production of advertising material and changes the way in which advertising campaigns are set up on Meta. Various tools improve the identification of target groups.

Tools and creativity

There is a wide range of tools to choose from, including Advantage Plus Shopping, which enables e-commerce companies to create effective campaigns and design flexible advertising materials. Creative content is crucial for success.

One example: underwear manufacturers

Besmer gave an example of a successful campaign for an underwear manufacturer. It is no longer just about showing the product, but also about addressing the needs of the target group and sustainability.

The importance of the holiday season

Christmas and the holiday season are crucial periods in performance marketing. Timely preparation is essential, as the AI needs to be fed with signals to understand target group behavior.

Performance measurement

Success is measured at various levels depending on the customer, including effective key figures, web tracking tools and reports in Meta. This data is used to optimize the advertising media and review the strategy.

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