Adello launches immersive mobile advertising format

Adello launches a new immersive 3D advertising format that makes 360-degree videos possible on cell phones. The first customer already exists.

Adello underlines that mobile continues to grow with the launch of a new advertising format "#Immersive3D". 360 degree videos are successful on Youtube and can be played on VR headsets to create a new experience. Since not everyone owns a VR headset, Adello is bringing this to mobile as an ad format.

The launch of the format in mobile advertising uses the sensors of the smartphone to change the perspective in the running advertising video: depending on the movement of the smartphone, you look in the direction you want, while the video "as in real" quasi live points there.

Winter sports region relies on the new advertising format

The first deployment was with the customer Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunnwho wanted to bring winter sports to life on cell phones in this way. According to Adello, the new format is suitable for all experiences that are intended to convey depth and movement, such as high-altitude hikes, car trips, club visits, drone flights, trade show visits, bike rides or restaurant visits. The experience of controlling the angle of view by rotating the smartphone (or manually by swiping) is intriguing to many users.

Since all pre-click interactions (including rotational movements of the cell phone) are measured by Adello, it can also be used to link competitions, for example, in that prizes, vouchers or code words appear at certain points and can be clicked on there.

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