Swisscom discontinues Dropbox competitor offering "Docsafe

Seven years after its launch, Swisscom is burying its Dropbox competitor offering called "Docsafe". The reason for this is its lack of success.


"Unfortunately, the solution could not establish itself on the market and thus could not be operated profitably. Docsafe will therefore be discontinued at the end of March 2021," a Swisscom spokeswoman explained on Thursday upon request. The industry portal Inside-IT had previously reported on this.

Docsafe could already no longer be ordered since last August, the Swisscom spokeswoman said. Existing customers will be able to use the full range of services until the shutdown at the end of March 2021.


Not a fully-fledged alternative

Swisscom launched Docsafe in 2014 to offer a Swiss competitor to Dropbox. Docsafe should simplify the handling of documents for companies and their customers. Companies and private individuals should be able to store their documents centrally instead of keeping them on paper in different folders. Swisscom announced to the media at the time that customers would be able to access their documents from anywhere via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The "blue giant" wanted to build a digital network together with third-party partners that would simplify the receiving, filing, secure archiving and reuse of documents for all parties involved. This apparently did not succeed.

As an alternative, Swisscom recommends its Mycloud offering, which offers similar functionalities. However, Mycloud does not offer a password manager service, as is the case with Docsafe, said a Swisscom spokesperson: "We cannot recommend a specific alternative. We don't offer a specific service for this." (SDA)

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