Coop Bau+Hobby & Dreifive start the spring interactively

Coop Bau+Hobby and Dreifive jointly launch an interactive spring landing page including click chatbot and mini-game.


Together for more sustainability - this is the mission of Coop Bau+Hobby 2020. To convey the topics of resource conservation, biodiversity, species protection, and climate protection in a user-friendly way, Dreifive worked with Yes!devs to design an interactive landing page that playfully provides users with information and encourages them to participate.

The heart of the landing page is a click chatbot on the topics of "sustainability," "plants," "herbs," "vegetables," "bees" and "upcycling. With the bot, users can playfully "click" their way to information, tips and tricks on the various topics in a kind of interactive dialog.

The use of so-called conversational landing pages ensures above all intensive consumption of the content presented and thus also a long dwell time. Through the interaction with individual chat contents and the self-determined consumption of further content strands, the user engages with the content in a particularly sustainable manner and retains an above-average amount of content in the head. In addition, the application is particularly user-friendly on mobile devices, since individual subpages no longer have to be reloaded or tabs opened and closed again.
The aim of the landing page is to create more awareness in the area of sustainability through infotainment and also to provide expert knowledge on the subject of the garden world. In addition to the chat content, there is also a mini-game with instant prizes and a main prize draw, as well as other advice topics and product promotions. The site is advertised cross-medially.

With the launch, Coop Bau+Hobby and Dreifive want to respond to the changing needs of online users who want to actively participate rather than just passively consume.

Zorica Jurkovic: "We are very pleased that we can spread the topic of sustainability in a very modern and innovative way via the Conversational Website. We hope this will introduce users to the topic in a playful way and raise their awareness even more - in the spirit of infotainment."


Responsible at Coop: Zorica Jurkovic (Head of Advertising Construction+Hobby); Jenny Walters (Deputy Head of Advertising, Project Manager Advertising). Responsible at Dreifive: Cheryl Schlatter (Social Media Consultant); Claudia Dörr (Deputy Head of Social Media); Marleen Albert (Head of Social Media); Torsten Schallmaier (Senior Copywriter / Concept Designer); Benedict Ritschel (Team Leader Digital Rich Media Solutions); Imre Rajci (Junior Digital Designer); Montserrat Urbiola (Art Director).

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