Y7K is the first Swiss agency to launch a virtual reality website

To demonstrate the possibilities of the new "WebVR" technology, Y7K has launched a virtual reality experience. Visitors to the website can discover a tropical island.


WebVR was officially released in the summer of 2016. The technology makes it possible to call up a virtual reality experience directly in the web browser. Previously, an app had to be installed for this. With the help of a Google Cardboard or similar products, any smartphone can be turned into virtual reality glasses.

Y7K wanted to test the limits of the new technology and gain initial experience with it. For this purpose, a three-dimensional island was built. On a given path, the island visitors move through three areas and have to solve a seemingly simple task: Locate the grave of P.T. Barnum. In the process, they encounter all sorts of bizarre characters such as a talking parrot or a screaming goat.


Responsible at Y7K: Yassine Bakiri, Julie Clausen, Ruben Feurer, Joris Noordermeer, Yves Sinka 3D Modeling: Alfatih Al Zouabi Sound Design: Guillaume Giraud.

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