Shortlist: The photos from the celebration of the new Migros umbrella campaign

The wait was finally over. The new Migros umbrella campaign was presented at the Migros Museum on Tuesday evening. Rarely has a campaign been made into such a hype in the run-up as the orange giant. Oskar Sager (l.), head of marketing at MGB, was naturally pleased with the hype.

The guests were in a good mood when the first two spots of the Migros umbrella campaign from Jung von Matt/Limmat were shown to them. Oskar Sager, Head of Marketing at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, addressed the audience with a few words. For example, he emphasized that Migros would still spend 35 advertising francs per Swiss citizen despite the 20 percent savings in the advertising budget - which is much more than the advertising expenditures of the other major distributors. "Migros will be a reliable partner for the media," Sager also said. In view of the coming drought in the advertising industry, a sentence that probably pleased many.
Great cinema
Only Migros manages to create a buzz with an advertising campaign reminiscent of box office hits like "Titanic". The new umbrella campaign, which bears the name "one M better", was presented to the public on Tuesday evening in the eponymous museum of the major distributor. Wild speculations made the rounds beforehand, which made the tension of the guests present rise almost to unbearable levels. In the end, the event was as casual as their light and airy line for calorie-conscious customers.
Marketing boss Oskar Sager spoke to the audience before they were then allowed to see the brand-new spots in a live broadcast on SF. After a few minutes, the acclaimed spectacle, which was acknowledged with much applause, was over again, and the aperitif was served. After that, it was time for the industry get-together.
Which was more than convenient for the surprisingly large number of Ringier editors who mingled with the people yesterday with friendly smiles. After all, their presence could only mean one thing: they wanted to make their mark. This was probably also in the hope of snatching one or two advertising contracts from the orange giant. Especially since Migros had already saved Ringier a painful 20 million francs in advertising money.
(Text and photos: Adriana Zilic)

Oskar Sager (l.), Head of Marketing Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB), Ralph Büchi, President Axel Springer Switzerland.

Herbert Bolliger, MGB CEO, Dominique von Matt, co-owner of JvM/Limmat, Ralph Büchi, and Kurt Schaad, Editor-in-Chief of Eco (from left).

Monica Glisenti (l.), Head of Communications MGB, Andrea Schlenker, Head of PR MGB.

Susanna Heim, Limmatdruck, with Patrik Müller, Editor-in-Chief Sonntag.

Sven Guggenheim, Marketing/Communications MGB, Stefania Rosati, Limmatdruck, Chiara Dörrer, Head of Online Editorial MGB (from left).

Hans Schneeberger, Editor-in-Chief of Migros Magazine, Barbara Salm, Head of Communications of the Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs MGB, Medard Meier, Gisler.Meier.Repele.Z'Graggen (from left).

Andi Huggel (l.), Publishing Director Seasonal Cuisine, with Martin Tamas, Head of Advertising Market Magazines Schweizer Illustrierte.

Claude Hauser (l.), Chairman MGB, and Fredy Collioud, Publicis advertising agency.

Christine Kunovits (l.), Editor-in-Chief Seasonal Cuisine, with Janine Urech, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Annabelle.

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