Fortune favors the frugal

Mother London and Ikea are picking up on the positive aspects of frugal and sustainable behaviors in the home in a recent campaign.


The one-minute spot begins with a meteor moving towards the world at an ominous speed. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that it is a gigantic mountain of waste. Meanwhile, on Earth, the disturbing news is communicated on television, and so it is in the household of a young family. But when the young daughter puts on her headphones, the bad news fades out, and "Make it Better" by The Barons begins to play. With this musical backdrop, the spot now shows all the eco-friendly behaviors of the entire family that help reduce waste and energy. Through these acts, large chunks keep breaking out of the mountain of trash, whereupon it becomes less and less threatening and eventually consists of just a single crushed plastic bottle - ultimately probably the most difficult problem to tackle.

With this internationally distributed sustainability campaign, Ikea and Mother London talk about the positive effects of a sustainable lifestyle. The video campaign is supported with OOH posters promoting ecological Ikea products.


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