Something good had to bring this sh**** year yes

With the proceeds from the sale of the fertilizer "Pure Sh*t", the Melbourne agency Gen C wants to support those who are particularly suffering from the crisis.


"It's 2020 - a year that really needs no introduction." These words start the commercial for the new product from the agency Gen C. And they're right: the year 2020 really has turned out to be a particularly catastrophic one. To make sure that at least something good comes out of it, the agency has launched "Pure Sh*t," a completely organic, dry and odorless fertilizer, from which the entire profit is to be donated to good causes.

The idea originated at the Melbourne-based creative agency, which says it wanted to find a way to give back to those most affected by the literal sh*t-show of 2020.

The agency spent the past four months developing the brand from the ground up. The important thing was that crap - or "shit" in English - should play a prominent role in the branding - in keeping with how many people have fared so far this year. Thus, in addition to the proceeds being donated to charity, the product is meant to make people smile and lighten things up a bit. Proceeds from the sale of "Pure Sh*t" will go to the charity Brainwave Australia, which supports families of children with brain disease or injury.

Pure Sh_t_ Hero Launch Film 1-3 screenshot

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